My Passion

Capturing Experiences Through Travel Photography

I like to say that I only get up early if I am catching a flight. Since my first trip abroad at the age of 15, I have always sought opportunities to immerse myself in a new environment.

Whether it’s a weekend trip to Kansas City or a month-long getaway to Istanbul, Turkey, traveling allows me to step out of my comfort zone and start listening and learning.

The most fulfilling experience: I spent a full week camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. During this trip, I had to push my limits physically, but it was all worth it as I got to see the most breath-taking views in my life.

The most challenging experience: On my recent trip to Turkey, I discovered Turkish breakfast and Turkish tea, but I also challenged myself to juggle full-time work and travel for the first time.

The most memorable experience: This year I traveled to Spain to attend Las Fallas, an annual festival in Valencia, Spain. This celebration is dedicated to building beautiful paper mache statues only to burn all of them and start over again.

Through travel, I gain new perspectives and learn not only about other cultures, but also about myself. I capture my travel moments to be mindful as I am exploring the world, to create a special memory, or just to do something creative.

I am always ready to hop on the next adventure and can’t wait to see what comes next.

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