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Case Study: Adidas Drops Partnership with Ye

PRAD 564: Business Skills for Strategic Communicators

In my role as the editor and designer in this project, I collaborated with my team to review Adidas’ crisis communication during the fallout of its long-term partnership with Kanye West. Through our research we uncovered the risks and challenges of celebrity collaborations, winning the class competition that quarter.

Research Samples

Examining Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Campaign in a #MeToo Era

PRAD 575: Communication Ethics & Law

In this case study, we explored the ethical implications of Gillette’s campaign against toxic masculinity and the subsequent conversation on social media and in the press. We examined how Gillette appropriated feminism for publicity and profit in the #MeToo era, including how the brand oversimplified a complex issue and fanned the flames on an increasingly divisive topic. 

Are Brand Characters Still Relevant in 2022?

PRAD 563: Media Planning 

Through primary and secondary research, I examined whether brand characters are still an effective and relevant tool for creative storytelling and increasing share of voice.

Multimedia Samples

A Bean That Changes Lives

PRAD 575: Communication Ethics & Law

I Have a Bean, an Illinois-based coffee roaster, was looking to increase the demand of its products. This plan identifies the target audience for the brand and provides a framework for creating a community of people excited about the brand. 

Engaging Young Adults with Sephora

PRAD 563: Media Planning 

This media plan focuses on growing online engagement and first-time purchases for Sephora’s e-commerce site and mobile app among young adults, delivering on Sephora’s business goal of becoming the go-to online beauty retailer. 

Combating Discrimination on Airbnb

PRAD 514: Culture in Strategic Communications Campaigns

This communications plan addresses the long history of discrimination on the Airbnb platform. Travel the World, Stay at Home campaign educates new and existing Hosts about this existing issue and provides the tools and incentives to fight discrimination on the platform. At the same time, this plan rebuilds trust and fosters a community with black travelers.

Netflix Binge in Japan

PRAD 595: Corporate/Agency Relationships

Netflix was looking to introduce the new Netflix Binge service and create sustainable, profitable growth in Japanese markets. This proposal includes social media, influencer, public relations, and event activations to reach Generation Y consumers and compel them to subscribe to Netflix Binge.

Writing Samples

Supporting International Research for dscout

Client: Multilingual Connections

Multilingual Connections, a translation company headquartered in Chicago, was looking to showcase its experience in the research industry. This case study provides an overview of its partnership with dscout, positioning Multilingual Connections as the leading language service provider in the research field.  

Engaging Young Adults with Citizen Diplomacy

PRAD 555: Public Relations Foundations 

WorldChicago, a citizen diplomacy nonprofit, was looking to engage young adults in the Chicago area. This plan provides a recommendation for communication efforts, targeting young professionals interested in cultural exchanges, international politics, and public diplomacy. 

United Airlines COVID-19 Safety Measures

PRAD 555: United Airlines COVID-19 Safety Measures 

With the spread of COVID-19, United Airlines announced a new requirement for all customers to wear a mask. This press release informs the passengers and the media about this new policy. 

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