“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Albert Einstein

Experiencing it all.

With a passion for creativity, strategy, and insights, I help brands create marketing strategies that meet their goals. Throughout my career, I’ve led projects related to public relations, social media, digital content, paid media, and UX. My mantra is “progress over perfection,” and there is nothing more exciting to me than being a part of a team.

In my spare time, I always look for new ways to learn and experience the world, whether it’s through navigating public transit systems in a new place, watching foreign films with subtitles, or learning a new language. 

My Passion

Capturing Experiences Through Travel Photography

I like to say that I can only get up early if I am catching a flight. Since my first trip abroad at the age of 15, I have always sought opportunities to immerse myself in a new environment. Through travel, we gain new perspectives and learn not only about other cultures but also about ourselves. I capture my travel moments to be mindful as I am exploring the world, to create a special memory, or just to do something creative (or even silly!).  

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